Home made

Project: HOME MADE. "Make Me A Home"
Date: Wettbewerb 2008/2009, shortlisted, Architektin bei spine architects, Hamburg,
Location: Stockton-On-Tees, United Kingdom
Description: open international architecture competition

A 23 hectare site with over a mile of south facing riverside frontage along the River Tees, immediately adjacent to the eastern edge of Stockton-on-Tees town centre.

We believe that this view is the outstanding quality of the site.
We believe that this view should be made accessible for all of the units.
We believe the most distinguished feature of the plot should be: "all rooms with a view".

How to get there? Normally the different buildings would block each others' view, due to the relatively high density of units to be realised. As a consequence, the "Backbencher Flats" closest to the main road would not be able to enjoy any of the river's scenery. In comparison to the houses in the front row on the river's edge, this didn't seem like a fair solution.

So first we decided to organize the houses on the site according to the view axis to the river and additionally we shaped the houses themselves.
Our design uses the river for the benefit of all within the zone.

On that "Ray Grid" basis a very distinguished set of diverse housing types evolved:
the "Southern Zic Zac" along the street, the "Bended Row Houses", the "Flipped V-Villas" and facing the river directly: the "Flash Water Edge Pavillons"

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